In 2004, the Peach Bottom Township Board of Supervisors began a recycling program which provided a large roll-off container one weekend a month for residents to deposit their recyclable materials.  Do to the success of the residents in recycling, a second weekend was added in 2009.

In 2014, when the local waste haulers started providing curb side recycling containers, the Township downsized to 1 weekend a month.

Through the years we have occasionally had problems with non-recyclable materials (TRASH) being placed in the container.  This has increased in the last year and when the container is contaminated it goes straight to the land fill at additional costs.

When Penn Waste stopped providing curb side recycling to Peach Bottom Township residents the board hoped they could continue to provide this service to the community, unfortunately the abuse in January was to such a degree that the decision was made to discontinue providing this service.  We want to thank all the residents who used the container appropriately.


The Board of Supervisors

Peach Bottom Township